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Mini-CAR BioNV Platform

Caravan Biologix is at the forefront of innovation with our groundbreaking mini-CAR BioNV technology. Our technology offers a versatile platform solution for both our internal therapeutic development pipeline and limitless partnering opportunities with other biotechnology companies. Mini-CAR BioNVs exhibit remarkable properties that include increased tissue honing, high target cell and tissue penetration, and multi-dosing options compared to other drug delivery systems making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

One key advantage of mini-CAR BioNVs is their ability to evade cytotoxic responses during the course of treatment, including the inflammatory cytokine storm that is often associated with traditional whole cell CAR therapies. Moreover, these BioNVs excel at crossing tissue barriers and achieving focused delivery, leading to improved biodistribution and enhanced efficacy.

In practical applications, mini-CAR BioNVs can be used independently to safely encapsulate and deliver toxic drugs, gene editors, or whole genes for gene replacement therapies. They can also deliver antibodies to intracellular targets, a feat yet to be effectively accomplished by other delivery systems. Additionally, mini-CAR BioNVs can deliver apoptotic proteins or checkpoint blockers to kill cancers or deliver RNA more efficiently and safely than currently used LNPs.

Additionally, mini-CAR BioNVs can be employed as a co-therapeutic alongside whole-cell CAR therapies. While whole-cell CAR/TCR therapies have shown efficacy in clearing free-floating tumors, they have struggled against solid tumors. In this scenario, mini-CAR BioNVs could potentially ablate solid tumors from within, loosening them up for whole-cell CAR/TCR therapies to target and prevent systemic metastasis more effectively.

In summary, the mini-CAR BioNV platform offers a revolutionary approach to drug delivery and therapeutic development, with broad applications across various disease areas and a potential to transform the landscape of biotechnology. 


Our BioNVs are derived from allogenic

and differentiated iPSCs



We use advanced AI programming to select the best CARs based on Immunological Synapse quality 



The mini-CAR BioNV is the optimal size to deeply penetrate solid tumors for maximum killing power



With no genetic baggage or cytotoxic proteins, our BioNVs vastly reduce the occurrence of cytokine storm 



Our proprietary upstream cellular activation process allows for the expression of any desired therapeutic peptide or nucleic acid  



Our mini-CAR BioNVs contain multiple properties that allow them to cross tissue barriers with unprecedented efficiency

Platform Properties

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