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Marko Kozul M.D. CFO
Caravan Biologix


As the Chief Financial Officer of Caravan, Dr. Marko Kozul has been instrumental in the company's growth trajectory. His adeptness in fostering capital partnerships and forging strong ties with other biotechnology entities has significantly expanded Caravan's operational reach.

A stalwart in the biotechnology sector, Dr. Kozul's journey is marked by a series of commendable achievements. His visionary leadership is evidenced as the Founder & CEO of Catalytic Life Sciences. In addition to his pivotal role at Caravan, he has significantly contributed to ArTara Therapeutics and Site-1 Therapeutics since January 2019, handling Corporate Development across vital locations such as Boston, New York City, and San Francisco.

Dr. Kozul's expansive experience includes serving as the Managing Director for Healthcare Investment Banking at BTIG in the Greater Boston Area. His earlier affiliations with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals as VP - Head of Strategy and his analytical roles at Leerink Swann, ThinkEquity LLC, and Jefferies highlight his holistic grasp of biotech, combining strategic foresight with intricate analytical insights.

Grounding this impressive professional repertoire is Dr. Kozul's solid academic foundation. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology from the esteemed University of Michigan. Demonstrating his unwavering commitment to medical science, he went on to obtain his Doctor of Medicine from the International University of the Health Sciences.

Dr. Kozul's multifaceted career stands as a testament to his expertise, resilience, and dedication to ushering in transformative changes in the biotech landscape.

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