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A New Paradigm in Delivery of Biologic Drugs

The First CAR-Directed BioNanoVesicle Biotechnology

Solid Tumor Cancers

CAR-Directed BioNanoVesicles (mini-CAR BioNVs) are designed to emulate Natural Killer cells or macrophage by delivering apoptotic proteins thus eliminating the challenges of CAR whole cell therapies for a multitude of diseases including solid tumor cancers.

CAR T-cell Attacking Cancer Tumor


CAR-Directed BioNanoVesicles (mini-CAR BioNVs) are designed to emulate the honing properties of any cell lineage to specifically deliver biologics such as gene editors, proteins, peptides, antibodies, nucleic acids, as well as small molecules to a targeted cell or tissue.

CRISPR Cas9 Bound to DNA
Caravan Management Team

Board of Directors

Caravan Board of Directors


Caravan Science and Business Advisory Board

Science & Business Advisory Board

Advancing Precision Medicine to New Levels

Boundless Platform Applications Across All Indications and Diagnostics

CAR-Mediated Nanovesicle Delivery

Introducing CAR-Mediated Nanovesicle Delivery: Advancing Precision Medicine

At Caravan Biologix, our focus is on leveraging the mini-CAR BioNV technology to address critical human diseases. Our platform provides a versatile foundation for developing various mini-CAR BioNVs tailored to treat different human diseases, demonstrating our dedication to advancing healthcare on multiple fronts.

A key aspect of our strategy involves collaborating with other biotech companies, offering our platform for the development of their mini-CAR BioNV-driven pipelines. The outsourcing of our platform technology can result in the production of standalone therapies or co-therapeutics alongside their existing medicines, showcasing our commitment to advancing healthcare through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

In addition to licensing, we are actively utilizing the mini-CAR BioNV platform to develop our own therapeutic pipeline, meticulously designed to enhance human health and showcase the platform's full range of properties, particularly its apoptotic protein and gene editor delivery capabilities. This strategic approach ensures that our research not only benefits our own pipeline but also contributes to the broader understanding and utilization of mini-CAR BioNV technology in the medical field.

Our apoptotic protein delivery capability pipeline is designed to target specific diseases with precision and efficacy. We are currently focused on delivering perforins and granzymes to expanded clonal B-cell populations in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), aiming to address the underlying causes of the disease. Additionally, our approach involves delivering wild type perforins to Natural Killer cells, restoring their immunomodulatory function and preventing certain types of Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). In the realm of cancer therapy, we are working on delivering perforins, granzymes, and p53 to solid tumor cancers, offering a more effective alternative to whole-cell-based treatments.

Properties Beyond Extacellular Vesicles and Liponanoparticles


Multi-dosing Properties


Migratory Tuning Capabilities

Ultra Low Cytotoxicity

Elimination of CRS

Superior Barrier Crossing

Organ Directed Treatment

Homogeneous and Low-Cost Manufacturing

Competitive Reproducibility

Unparalleled Delivery Capabilities

Caravan Biologix Platform Delivery Capabilities

CRISPR Editors

DNA Plasmids, RNA, Protein

Nucleic Acids

Potent and Targeted RNA Delivery

Apoptotic Proteins

Perforins, Granzymes, p53

Antibody Delivery

Intracellular Targeting 

Small Molecules

Potent and Targeted Delivery

Whole Genes

Gene Replacement Therapy


Our Research Partners

Bruker Inc.
Reprocell Inc.
TD2 Inc.
MDimune Inc. and BioDrone Inc.
Colorado Health & Tech Center


Contact Caravan Biologix to Customize Your Delivery Needs

Our robust partnering program can take your current therapeutic approach to new highly efficacious levels safer than other technologies.


Mini-CARTM Nanovesicles are a new and superior alternative to problematic AAV, Anellovirus, Extracellular Vesicle and LNP delivery systems.

Caravan Biologix Inc.
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